Imranali Khaki

Course – ‘Creating a Qur’anic family’

This is a course built to give families the tools to create their own Qur’anic family.
It is not a place to ‘send your kids, so that they can learn the Qur’an’. Through our experience, the best way to get your kids loving the Qur’an, is by showing them how to love it as a family, and not by sending them to a ‘maalim’ only. – Yes, that has its place, but it all starts from home!

But I don’t know the Qur’an myself, or where do I start from?
These are all valid questions, which will be answered in this course.
Take the first step to creating a Qur’anic family by signing up, and let’s work together to do exactly that!

Your investment:
– 3 classes with me over 9 weeks
Class 1: Goal settings and Implementation
Class 2: Follow up to see improvements, tweaks to further improve
Class 3: Looking Ahead – see what we’ve achieved and go beyond.

– £50 for the 3 sessions. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

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    where he shares bite-sized lessons from the Qur’an.

    What better way than learning the Qur’an as a family and teaching it to our family.