The founders

Imranali and Tahira

Imranali and Tahira Mahdiyya Khaki have been teaching the Qur’an around the world to young toddlers, the seniors of the community and everyone in between.

Their passion is to enable families to connect with the Qur’an in a deep, meaningful way. This is often through finding relevant lessons from the Holy Qur’an using items and scenarios that we experience every day- so that we can truly ‘Live the Quran’.

They own and run an Opticians practice in London, and love sports- Imranali Volleyball and Tahira Netball.

They have 2 cute kids, who are their wacky Qur’an idea testers. If they pass it, you’re going to hear about it!

They also have social media channels on:

where they share bite-sized lessons from the Qur’an.

We have social media channels on 

where we share bite-sized lessons from the Qur’an.